Connections is a directory plugin for WordPress. Its simplicity in design and function, vast array of unique features and versatility are the reasons more and more people are turning to Connections for their directory needs. You can use Connections to create a simple address book, maintain a staff directory and even run a business or link directory. Connections was built bottom up to be as configurable as possible while providing the features you need.

Completely free!

Spend nothing to start creating your directory today.

Continuously Updated

Bringing you new features for free.

Highly rated support.

Again and again we’ve been told how much you love Connections. What you’ve said the most is how much you love our support and how unexpectedly quick and thorough it is.

What others are saying...

What sets Connections Pro apart from other plugin developers in the online directory space is that their plugins work as advertised ... few conflicts, the promised features work, and the developer doesn't overpromise what's offered with each template and extension - they do what they say they're going to do, which is becoming increasingly rare in the WP plugin universe :(

(Plus, the pricing? Super affordable for small businesses like ours.)

And, more than that, Steven's customer support is legendary! I don't know how he does it, but questions in the support forum on his site are typically answered within a day, 2 at the most - and, they're real answers. I asked a question yesterday, Steven replied overnight, but he anticipated something about my question that I hadn't considered and provided more details in his answer that saved me a ton of time today ...

If you're looking for online directory plugins, start with Connections Pro - you'll be very glad you did!


Seamless integration.

Every detail is painstakingly crafted to ensure a smooth and familiar experience.


Easily manage directories which contain hundreds of thousands of entries.

Translation ready.

Many languages already partially supported. Learn more here.

Repeatable fields.

Add as many addresses, phone numbers, email, IM, social media, links and dates as needed.

Robust templating.

Several basic templates are provided to get you started with many more premium templates available.


Extend the functionality of Connections with many free and premium extensions.

Developer friendly.

Connections was built with developers in mind. There are hundreds of actions and filters that developers can use to create their own custom functionality.